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IUPAC2019 World Chemistry Congress
European Chemistry Society (EuChemS)
American Chemical Society (ACS)
Japanese Chemical Society; Closing Ceremony

Impressions of the celebrations

1001 Inventions during opening ceremony
Martyn Poliakoff during opening ceremonies
IUPAC Celebrated double anniversary and a new definition of the unit mole (in Danish)
‘I Spy a Periodic Table’ photo contest
Report from India on Closing Ceremony
Report from RSC on Closing Ceremony

Interesting links

Introducing the Periodic Table
Journeys from Alchemy to Chemistry
Periodic Table of Videos
Periodic Table Song
Israelian Periodic Table Song
Wiley’s free content about the elements
The Periodic Graphics of Elements
Dmitry Mendeleev: The teachings of a prophet 
Artist impressions of elements by Damon Kowarsky
Debye – the Neutron and the Periodic Table
Who really invented the Periodic Table?
Periodic Table Timeline of Elements
The Solar System and the Periodic Table
Did the Sanskrit language influence the creation of the Periodic Table?
The Timeline of Elements
Periodic Table Christmas Song

News Coverage

Chemical & Engineering News (C&EN) overview of articles
The Guardian, February 7, 2019
Chemical News Vol. XV, February 2019
Chemical Weekly, February 12, 2019
Il venerdi, February 22, 2019
The New Yorker – The Histories Hidden in the Periodic Table
Chemistry International January – April 2019
Chemistry International April – June 2019
Chemistry International July – September 2019
Chemistry International October – December 2019
Nuclear Physics News IYPT2019 Special edition
l’Actualité chimique, special IYPT2019 issue
New York Times – Is It Time To Upend The Periodic Table?
New Scientist: Here’s my favourite element.
Several articles in Dansk Kemi through 2019 (volume 100, issue 1-8) on the Periodic Table
Aktuel Naturvidenskab (2019, #4) (in Danish)
‘Elemente mit System’ in Physik Journal (18, #3, 2019, 53-57)
‘Plenitude philosophy and chemical elements’ in Hyle, International Journal for Philosophy of Chemistry (25, #1, 2019, 1-20)